T H E     C O M P A N Y

Incendiaria is an artistic company established in 2014 whose work is based on creating and researching for the contemporary scene.


In 2014, they put on stage the play Memoria do incendio (Memory of the Fire), written by Vanesa Sotelo, focussing on a physical way of approaching character creation.


 In 2016, they get started on their own stage lab, during which they create Contramateria, a piece based on a study of pace in different stage actions.


In 2018, Incendiaria premiers its first professional stage play, Eila, taking part in Vigo en Bruto 2018 festival programme, organised by Teatro Ensalle. This play has several Rosalía de Castro’s poems, set to music by Davide González, as a starting point. An approach to creation with inanimate objects, the study of pace and the research on audience reactions to performer’s stage presence, were the source of a full sensory experience. Genre hybridisation was the rule. Music, performance, poetry and movement exists side by side on stage, turning the piece a theatrical and musical show that push the boundaries of poetry reading.


Nowadays, Incendiaria exhibits its second professional show: Microspectivas dun marica millennial (Microspectives of a Millennial Queer). A coproduction with the Centro Dramático Galego and supported by the Colectivo RPM though the Residencias Paraíso 2019.