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(Mos,1991). Actor, músico, compositor e director de escena

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(Cangas, 1981). Dramaturga, actriz e directora teatral. 

Theater director, actress and playwright.

In 2008 she works as a resident playwright for the Galician Dramatic Center with the creation of Stigma - with Rubén Ruibal and Jacobo Paz - and in 2009 as a resident artist for the same institution with the project: Body-slut-cow-scream with Gena Baamonde and Eva F. Ferreira.

In 2010, he obtained the jury award of the IV contest "Diario Cultural" of Radio Theater with Indoor, and the Josep Robrenyo prize with Memory of the Fire.

In 2011 he received the 6th Open Prize for Theater Texts with Coward's Field. In 2014 she is selected in the III Program of Development of Current Dramaturgies with Name: Bonita. In the same year, she participates in the international project “365 Women a year” with the creation of O retrato da sibila.As a director, her works have been presented at international festivals in Galicia, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and Venezuela.

Vanesa Sotelo is director of the Galician Theater Magazine (Erregueté)